Everyone strives but few have the strength to succeed. Certifications like API 6A, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14004, OHSAS 18001, ADW 0, PED and CRN, add to our strengths and channelize our efforts to set new benchmarks in product quality. This endeavour ensures our customers always get the best from us; time and again.


We believe the quality of a product reflects the reputation of a company. And we hold our reputation in the highest regards. That’s why we ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.


Years of development, research & technological advancements have kept SEI on the edge of perfection, achieving the expertise required to expand in engineering fields like Oil & Gas, Piping & Fitting, General Forging and now also the Power & Energy sector.


Manufacturing components is not the only thing we master in, we also believe in making sure you have the heart of the component available when required, Spares.

General Forgings

At Sunrise Exports, we understand all your forging needs and we have the caliber to produce the best forged products.

WELCOME TO SUNRISE GROUP OF COMPANIES “Forging new limits of engineering”

About Us

We believe good quality products are made while working in a good environment. That’s why we engineer and manufacture our products in a state-of-the-art facility that houses the latest in production technology.


Express Manufacturing

Many a times, certain non standard requirements emerge in the middle of a project. This is when SEI’s Express Manufacturing service will assist you to have it in time and delivered on-site for added value.


News & Press Release

The promoters of Sunrise Exports have been spoken about in various countries; i.e.; Germany, India, etc and in various forms of media; i.e.; Newspaper, magazines. Please feel free to read what they had to say about us.